A Project for Life

“I believe that mindful actions are more important now than ever before. As we face a future of increasing uncertainty, my hope is to help uplift ourselves, each other, and the planet by finding ways to deepen our shared connection with Spirit.”

– Janine, SacredElements.ca

This project is about a woman facing ever-mounting pressures and coercive forces to live a life contrary to her beliefs and values, and with the support of her family and friends, deciding to do something about it. 

In this fast-paced global society, it seems that humanity has become empty and hollow, only a thin fragment of itself. As we face a future of increasing uncertainty, mindful choices are more important than ever before.

Let us strengthen and inspire each other by deepening our connection to Spirit, finding meaning through conscious expression of gratitude in our daily actions as we explore and intentionally create a truly abundant life.

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