A Fresh Start: The Art of Letting Go

A major life change, no matter the reason, can be exciting, but also incredibly painful. There may be losses we did not anticipate that trigger feelings of grief and trauma. These bonds to the past must be released before we can truly move ahead with a life of new possibilities.

While grieving, we experience emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual consequences. And there’s no one way to grieve. We all work through it differently.

Letting go of the past can be difficult, especially when we’ve wrapped up our identity in it. When we live a busy and hectic lifestyle, it’s so easy to bury the pain from our loss, and just carry on. But when the distractions go away, there it is, staring us right in the face.

In order to truly heal, we must be prepared to do the internal work of exploring and acknowledging our deepest and most painful feelings. Giving in and accepting those feelings for what they are begin the process of loosening the bonds and moving toward release and healing.

Talking out our experiences with someone we trust provides valuable support and balanced perspective as we move to a point of acceptance, and hopefully, if we are able, forgiveness.

This can be a rough path. Patience, care, and gentle self-compassion are so very important.

Mindful practice and living in the present moment can help manage overwhelming feelings and provide a window of peace. Spiritual practice provides comfort.

Eventually we begin to feel lighter, more open, optimistic. We notice the light has shifted. It’s warmer somehow, the season is changing.

What will the new season bring?

melting snow

from the garden bed

a rose bud peeps out

– Sandra Martyres




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