Finding Resilience in Simplicity

The world has always contained suffering. But are we better off today than we were a half century ago? We are living with the threat of increasing suffering across the world day by day. But it is possible to find peace.

Our family recently left our coldly corporate urban life of stress and overstimulation firmly behind us, and after selling our home in the city along with a good amount of our accumulated belongings, we have been living in our humble cottage in rural Alberta for about six weeks now.

And although the lead up was hugely stressful (as radical change is), upon arrival the transition to a much simpler life has been cool water for the parched soul.

After months of uncertainty about work, health, the economy, and divided relationships, in desperation we pushed hard to enter this new phase and are now undergoing a time of much needed physical and emotional rest and rejuvenation.

A less complicated life means more time for reflection and intention. Releasing stressful, unmeaningful distractions that strangle us, taking time to focus on relationships and things that really matter, allowing time for the body and mind to heal. Noticing the small joys in life and having the space to really appreciate them. Going deep within and noticing inner workings, thoughts and feelings.

Recognizing and validating traumas and hurts, and allowing for healing by releasing fear and bitterness, and embracing acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness. Paying attention. Looking forward, creating a new vision for the future. Finding hope.

And what has emerged for me is a deep sense of gratitude. Gratitude for the simple abundance of family, friends, health, home, and the beauty of life all around me. True gifts from God.






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